Building Self-Confidence, One Humongous Grin at a Time

The best way to encourage children to try their best is with a smile. Thatʼs why, surprisingly, our teaching philosophy is quite different from others. We challenge children to strive for success in a positive, nurturing environment. Each new accomplishment promotes confidence and each successful experience motivates them to try for the next. Our coaching style is noncompetitive, which means children are encouraged to strive for their personal best.

We're not the only ones who see the value of this approach. Major studies note the myriad benefits of early childhood physical development:
  • Children with a high level of physical activity tend to remain highly active throughout adolescence. Starting early lays the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Physically active pre-school children perform better in kindergarten and grade school. With age-appropriate exercises and group activities, The Little Gym provides a different context for learning.
  • Children with more developed motor coordination have a lower incidence of social and educational problems. By combining physical development with activities that promote sharing, listening and friendship, The Little Gym sets the stage for critical life skills.
  • Positive feedback tends to increase children's intrinsic motivation, having long-term benefits on their self-confidence and willingness to embrace challenges. Our positive, noncompetitive environment triggers childrenʼs natural drive to discover their own potential.

With locations across the globe, The Little Gym has helped millions of children experience the benefits of this positive approach since our inception in 1976. Our programs have helped kids across the planet become more confident, readying them for new challenges with proud smiles on their faces. We see it every day. And soon, you will, too.